Daily Science Report: Sunday February 5th

By Mike Cheadle
Super Bowl day & we played touch football on the deck with Jason. Jason played quarterback and insisted on keeping the ball and we’ll see if the ball is “deflated” when it returns from the dive tomorrow. Sentry boldly went to where no folks had gone before and returned at about 2pm with another amazing bathymetry map. We were relived and excited to see outcrop which we’ll investigate with Jason later. The 1-2m resolution is truly amazing and slope instability features of all scales dominate. At the bottom of the map, we saw structures which are almost certainly rift related basaltic volcanism. Later in the day Jason descended to our main gabbro area at site to carry out detailed sampling across some key lithological boundaries- we really are trying to do field geology 4000m below the sea surface. Another 240lbs of gabbros are expected in the morning.