Daily Science Report: Thursday February 2nd

By Mike Cheadle
We recovered Jason at 8am and eagerly anticipated looking at our haul of 44 new samples from near the gabbro-dike transition. We had zig-zagged up a transect which covered 950 vertical metres and found plenty of outcrop and…. lots of slope parallel low temperature faults. Extensive fault surfaces were common with clear slickenlines in both outcrop and hand sample. We mostly recovered gabbro of various types, with intruding dolerite dikes in the upper part of the section, but the majority of the rocks have a low temperature cataclastic overprint. We then briefly deployed the magnetometer to get a new magnetics traverse as we migrated back to site A and we launched our second Sentry dive in that area at noon. This time, Sentry worked upslope towards more steep, difficult, terrain and we plan to site our next Jason dive tomorrow based on this mapping. We now have 9 days left and are starting to feel the pressure to get everything completed before we have to leave for Chile.