Daily Science Report: Monday February 20th

The last sunset & the last evening at sea. We’re packed and I think the whole science party is very ready to go home. There’ll be a big party on shore tomorrow night and the team will begin flying home early on Wednesday morning. All in all it was a pretty amazing trip, Easter Island, the best mapped section of fast spread gabbroic crust underwater ever, some very exciting magnetics and the third dimension of the magnetic anomaly boundaries, and seven active hydrothermal vents, five of which have never been seen before. But soon, back to the “day-job”. The final thing is to say a big thanks to everybody, without whom none of this could have been possible; the intrepid science team, the doughty outreach team, the dauntless Jason & Sentry teams, the incredible Shipboard Science Support Group (SSSGs), and the amazing crew of the RV Atlantis, & of course the National Science Foundation (NSF).