Daily Science Report: Saturday February 11th

By Mike Cheadle

The final science day and likely my final blog. Friday evening we launched Sentry dive 428, our tenth Sentry dive, at site A. This dive was designed to complete the magnetics coverage and to illuminate a large 20km wide slump of basalts and sheeted dikes which was causing an anomalous pattern in our magnetic maps. The magnetic mapping has been a great success too producing a definitive geometry for the 3rd dimension of the magnetic stripes. We recovered sentry at 7pm and then launched the good ship Jackelope and we watched her sail off into the big Pacific. She’d been sitting in the science labs for most of the cruise, so it feels like we’ve said goodbye to an old friend. I hope she fares well & sails off to some far away exotic place. You can track her on the NOAA website.