Daily Science Report: Wednesday February 8th

By Mike Cheadle

Success snatched from the jaws of defeat! Upon looking at the 24 samples recovered from the Jason dive which we recovered at 8am, we found 14 of the 23 samples were gabbros (we feared they were mostly sheeted dikes), and they were in a sensible stratigraphic order (despite the extensive mass wasting). Most importantly we recovered two troctolites which suggests that our main area of troctolites, 12km away, is not anomalous and that shallow primitive troctolite is a feature of fast spread oceanic crust in the area. During the middle of the day we carried out more magnetic surveying and multibeaming of the seafloor, and at 4pm, we launched Jason for yet another dive in our main gabbro area at site B to try to complete our map.