Daily Science Report: Thursday February 9th

By Mike Cheadle

Jason dive 960 was designed to address two specific geological questions within our main gabbro area: i) Is there a continuous layer of gabbro that extends across all of our area above the troctolitic rocks? ii) detailed observation (photograpy) and sampling of the layering in the lower part of our section and additional sampling to fill in part of our area. The latter part was a little rushed as the 23.5 hour, one elevator, dive ended and Jason was recovered on deck by3:30pm. We increased our sample haul by 36 samples and passed the 400 mark for overall number of samples. Some of the samples are spectacularly complex troctolites with large dendritic/skeletal olivines and we also collected a few large samples that contain several layers. Once Jason was on board, we sped off for Pito Seamount and for our final Jason dive searching for the hydrothermal vents so effectively illuminated by the earlier sentry dive there.