Daily Science Report: Wednesday February 1st

By Mike Cheadle
Sentry came back on deck at 11am and we were soon looking at a new 1-2m resolution 4 x 2km bathymetric map of the SE part of site A. Unfortunately the deeper slopes are largely sediment covered and so, not good targets for finding gabbro outcrops. We are hoping the next Sentry dive to the NW will produce the outcrops we need. But despite, the lack of outcrop, we did collect another important magnetics data set to help define the 3rd dimension of the magnetic stripes. At approx. 1pm, we launched Jason for a short 1 day dive aimed at sampling the gabbros below, and also across, the gabbro dike transition at site B. We used the previous Sentry map to find outcrop and have been zig-zagging our way up the steep slope trying to map and collecting samples. The area is clearly extensively faulted, and we’ll likely have a complicated puzzle to solve tomorrow.