Daily Science Report: Sunday January 29th

Today is scientific “hump” day, the term we use for passing over the half way point. The overall cruise “hump” day is still to come, but we now have just 13 days left to do science. Today was all Jason. We finished the “tangerine trip” dive, and started a new traverse which we called the “zodiac” dive. We completed last nights elevator recovery and have just carried out another elevator recovery tonight. Now we have 187 samples on board, and importantly, many are oriented. Over 175 are gabbros and we should pass the 200 sample mark tomorrow. There is a high proportion of classic 30% plagioclase, 30% olivine, troctolite and we even saw and sampled a 1 metre diameter “splotch”  of anorthositesitting in the middle of the troctolite unit. Igneous layering is quite common and we’ve noticed one example of possible isoclinal folding.  Last, but not least, a spectacular squid came to visit Jason today. The video will be on the site soon.