Daily Science Report: Saturday January 28th

By Mike Cheadle
We recovered Sentry at 8am and immediately moved to the location where we left the last Jason dive, now informally termed the “tangerine trip” dive (with the previous dive now called “the nose” dive and the 2005 dive in this location, the “prophet” dive). So far we have 22 more rocks on board Jason and an elevator will soon bring these rocks back to the ship. As with earlier dives, the outcrop is extensive, with in places 90m high cliffs, and we’ve been making extensive field observations as we go along. One of our key tasks is to recognize and understand the three sets of faults in our area: i) the ridge related abyssal hill faults, ii) the Pito Deep rift related faults and iii) a later generation of related, small offset, faults reflecting gravitational collapse of the steep walls of the Deep. Description is complete for all of the rocks from the previous dives. The next 25 or so should be on deck early tomorrow morning.