Daily Science Report: Friday January 27th

By Mike Cheadle
We recovered Sentry at 10:00am in the morning and eagerly awaited it’s data. The bathymetry revealed a very steep (60-70o) back wall, but few outcrops beneath those we already knew about. We also extended our magnetic mapping of the third dimension of the magnetic stripes. During the day we carried out another short ship multibeam and magnetometer survey, extending our map to the south and crossing onto the Easter microplate. At 7pm, after re-charging it’s batteries, we launched Sentry again for another survey. Fingers crossed the weather is good to launch Jason in the morning. Finally, we also oversaw the good ship “Jackelope” undergoing its first “sea-trials”. The plan is to launch it from the Atlantis as we leave the area. NOAA will track its journey across the Pacific at this website http://educationalpassages.com/boats/00-171000921/