Daily Science Report: Wednesday January 25th

By Mike Cheadle
We recovered Jason at 10:30pm & now have a collection of samples representative of ocean crust: ~130 gabbro samples, 1 sheeted dike and 2 basalts. We spent most of the day doing a lateral sampling traverse to connect up our first dive to Jason transect 3 of the Jeff Karson led 2005 cruise to Pito Deep. As in earlier reports, the outcrop is near 100%, permitting us to photograph field relations such as layering and cross cutting relationships and to track both the abyssal faults and the later rift related faults. Samples weigh up to 30 kilos and many show spectacular layering/foliation/fabrics; we even produced a 3-D image of one of the gabbros; the first “virtual rock” collected at sea? Maybe in the future, rock sampling cruises will produce 3-D images/reconstructions of all samples? Just before midnight, we put out the magnetometer and set off the multibeam the NW corner of our site. Sentry launch in the morning.