Daily Science Report: Tuesday January 24th

By Mike Cheadle
“We went, we saw, … & were surprised”. Yesterday night, we took Jason to the western part of our site hoping to extend our gabbro transect and instead found beautiful outcrops of EPR (East Pacific Rise) pillow basalts and dikes at 5.0km, almost 2km below the dike-gabbro transition in the centre of our study site. But, it was important to ground-truth these outcrops, especially for the magnetic inversion, and it taught us a cautionary tale regarding being careful about the Pito Deep rift faulting at the site. So instead, we performed a reconnaissance survey of the south western part of this site and returned to the main gabbro outcrop site (~4500m) at 11:00am. Since then we’ve been collecting more gabbros on traverse that links our first traverse to the one from the Jeff Karson 2005 cruise to this area. Highlights included spectacular modal layering, but I leave you to guess whether it was dipping away or towards the ridge.