Rockin’ with Seafloor Rocks

By Theresa Williams

Great News Everyone!

The first batch of rocks is on board.  We are weighing and measuring and photographing the rocks right now.  This place is hopping with activity!  It was so exciting watching these rocks see the light of day for the very first time.  The geologists are smiling and excited to get their hands on the rocks.  I even got a chance to take a close look at some of the first small fragments.

Sally Rocks.jpg

Here’s the routine.  When Jason picks up a rock sample it is photographed and placed into a specific compartment in the basket so it can be identified later.  Once the basket is on deck, the samples are carefully removed and paired up with their identification numbers.  Each one is weighed, measured and photographed.  Next the samples are compared to video footage from Jason to determine how they were oriented in the outcrop.  This step is important for keeping track of the magnetic direction of the rocks.  The rocks are then marked for cutting so the geologists can see a fresh surface on the inside.  Cut surfaces are studied under a microscope and described in great detail.

After all of the samples for the entire expedition are collected, the senior scientists will get together and decide who gets to take which samples home to their labs for further study.  I’ve already called dibs on a couple of scrap fragments for my collection. 

I’m rockin’ with this rhythm!

Slackjaw Sally