Culinary Crew

By Theresa Williams

Hello Hungry Humans!

Well, I’ve been on the RV Atlantis for over a week now and I bet you’re all wondering about the food.  That was honestly my first question – How’s the food?  Oops, I mean how do they manage the food?

It comes down to three very important people, Brendon the Steward, Mark the Cook and Tanzania the Mess Attendant.  Brendon manages the kitchen and food and does about half the cooking.  Mark does the other half of the cooking and Tanzy prepares the fruit/salad bar and keeps the mess hall stocked and cleaned.  She also works in the scullery cleaning the dishes.  Brendon and Mark each work a 10-hour shift with some overlap and are independently in charge of the menu of food they prepare.  One cooks breakfast and lunch and the other cooks dinner and they switch back and forth.  They work toward their individual strengths and coordinate so they can offer the biggest variety of food.

The Galley stocks over 500 items to feed 60 people three times a day while at sea.  Supplies including produce and fish are purchased in every port, but beef, pork and chicken is only purchased in the U.S.  Everything is prepared from scratch because that tastes better and it also saves money allowing the Galley crew to prepare some fancy dishes.  They are also very good at using leftovers in the next day’s meals.  All members of the Galley crew emphasized the importance of good food to keep morale high on the ship.  Everyone onboard agrees that the food on this ship is the best anywhere!

It sure beats the plankton and detritus I’ve been munching on!